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Oracle of Cosmic Wisdom. Meditation Cards for Aligning with Source Energy.   By Nancy Blair and Aradia Lunabella

The Oracle of Cosmic Wisdom is a set of meditation cards to help individuals align with Universal Source Energy and gain insights into their spiritual journey.  Each card is exquisitely designed with alluring, dynamic imagery and wisdom drawn from ancient philosophies, metaphysical principles and quantum research.


Individuals select one or more cards at random or through intentional choice, then contemplate the image and message during meditation or quiet reflection.  The cards offer uplifting guidance and positive affirmation to connect with the deeper aspects of personal growth, encouraging mindfulness, self-awareness, appreciation and alignment with a deeper sense of one's purpose. 

Through regular use, individuals embrace an understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, tap into intuitive knowing and receive guidance on navigating life's challenges with a sense of ease and acceptance.


The Oracle of Cosmic Wisdom serves as a powerful meditation tool for those seeking spiritual growth, comfort and enlightenment on the journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.



Starbird Oracle. A Divination Tool for Living.

The Starbird Oracle offers gentle, kind and supportive reminders to listen deeply to the wisdom within.  The information in this guidebook includes meditations and affirmations helping you seek new pathways and potent enchantments for well-being in body, mind and spirit.

Goddess Book.png

The Goddess Book. A Celebration of Witches, Queens, Healers and Crones

Celebrate the seasons and cycles of Goddess lore and wisdom with this richly illustrated book of rituals and affirmations.


Here is a book of Earth-based spirituality informed by perennial myth and magic. The inspiring words of Nancy Blair and the stunning illustrations by Thalia Took create a sacred space that will nourish women in body, mind and spirit.

“Every woman needs this book on her bedside table. An active and animated must-read.” --Emma Mildon, author of Evolution of Goddess

"As you read these ancient deities who have inspired humankind through the ages, you’ll sense them operating in your own life, offering you strength, compassion, wisdom, and joy. Stunningly illustrated by Thalia Took, The Goddess Book is a lovely guide to engaging the Divine Feminine throughout the year.” --Skye Alexander, author of The Modern Guide to Witchcraft

Thank You you're Opinion Means Nothing to Me.jpg

Thank You, Your Opinion Means Nothing to Me.  A Year of Hot Flashes, Flashbacks, and Finding My Voice

A hilarious and poignant year in one woman’s life—a year that encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.


With a wickedly delicious sense of humor and keen insight, Blair writes of her quirky life in Florida with her husband and elderly mother, and the peculiar cast of characters who wander in and out of their lives.


This is a book filled with laughter and love; a book that is more than the story of one woman’s experience of menopause. Indeed, this the story of one woman’s journey to self-acceptance, finding her voice, and experiencing the delirious sense of freedom that comes from embracing change.

“This has been one of the most inspirational books I've ever read! I slapped post-it's on just about every page so I can refer back to the quotes. Though this isn't a self-help book, the wisdom and inspiration have stuck with me more than any self-help book I've read. It has given me insight as to what to expect during menopause, how to deal with life changes, and most of all, living in the moment.” --R. Mercuri


“In addition to being funny, interesting, informative--and reassuring, this book felt "familiar"; Blair wasn't some distant person I couldn't relate to, her experiences and reactions and feelings felt like those of myself and my girlfriends. As she finds her way to her newly forming self, it gives us permission--and hope--to do the same. I can't wait for the sequel!” --Elena

The Book of Goddesses.png

The Book of Goddesses

This collection of Goddesses depicts many of the forms in which the female deity has been worshipped around the world since ancient times. Here we meet heroines, queens, witches, queens, proud princesses, courageous daughters and cranky crones.


Nancy Blair recounts the mythology, historical/herstorical and graphical associations, and spiritual practices connected with each deity, then includes an inspiring affirmation. This pantheon of familiar and obscure Goddesses is truly a celebration of female wholeness and holiness.

“She has a thousand faces. She has a thousand names. Yet she is ever the same in all times and places. She is the Goddess who lives in you. Nancy Blair evokes her divinity in this lovely series of Goddess portraits in prose.”  

  --Susun Weed, founder of the Wise Woman Center

Goddess Days.jpg

Goddess Days. 365 Meditations. Daily Nourishment for a Woman's Spirit

Daily devotions on Goddess wisdom, from cultures the world over exploring the body of women’s spirituality from folklore, myth and spiritual practices. Affirmations and meditations included.


Originally published as a “meditation kit” titled Goddess in a Box which included a Goddess sculpture and incense in a ready-made altar.

Goddess Days ignites the soul! Bringing goddess spirituality into daily life, this precious book should be on every woman’s altar.”  

--Patricia Monaghan, author.


“What a wonderful gift Nancy Blair has given to us!  A deep and powerful tool for bringing the goddess back into our everyday lives, use this book to restore the sacred feminine in yourself and our precious planet.”  --Hallie Austen Iglehart, author


“I want to take this wonderful book a part and paper by bedroom walls with its pages so that I can see all the wisdom and all the herstory all the time. No matter where we are in our lives, no matter what issues (inner or outer) we’re dealing with, we’ll find good and helpful advice here. Little daily rituals before Nancy’s beautiful goddess sculpture cannot fail to enrich our daily lives.”

--Barbara Ardinger, author

Goddess for Every Season.jpg

Goddesses for Every Season

This collection of 52 Goddesses—one for each week of the year—depicts many of the forms in which the female deity has been worshipped around the world since ancient times.


Author Nancy Blair groups these Goddesses according to the seasons when their energies are most potent, so that week by week we can draw on their nurturing, creative powers. Blair recounts the mythology, historical/herstorical and geographical associations, and spiritual practices connected with each deity, then includes an affirmation. This pantheon of familiar and obscure Goddesses is truly a celebration of female wholeness and holiness.

“Women can find both enlightenment and empowerment in Nancy Blair’s poetic “affirmations and presentation of some best-known aspects of the thousand-named Goddess. An excellent meditation.”  --Barbara Walker, author


Nancy Blair’s Goddesses for Every Season is a blessed new addition to Goddess culture: a weekly meditation book of myths, oracles and affirmations gleaned from our global heritage. Guiding readers to both personal and planetary survival, it combines deep wisdom with practical advice. I highly recommend Goddesses for Every Season for all who wish to bring the Goddess into their everyday lives.” –-Hallie Iglehart Austen, author

Amulets of the Goddess.jpg

Amulets of the Goddess: Oracle of Ancient Wisdom

A divination set of 27 beautifully carved images by Nancy Blair of Goddesses, sacred animals and symbols from the world over.


The oracle kit includes a 200 page guidebook with ancient lore, tales, mystery and myth along with affirmations and an oracular message. The user draws the amulets from a velvet pouch and refers to the illustrated guidebook filled with lessons and insights of the Goddess for your life. 

“Nancy Blair’s Amulets are true jewels of the Goddess. They bring us Her Animals, Symbols and physical manifestations in a tangible and inspiring form. Through this oracle, we can bring the living wisdom of foremothers into our hands, to delight our eyes and nourish our spirits.” --Hallie Iglehart Austen, author


Amulets of the Goddess gives a fascinating overview of ancient Goddess symbols and traditions, along with practical suggestions for using these sacred images in the process of self-empowerment.” --Barbara G. Walker, author


“Whether you are merely curious, eagerly awaiting, or yearning for help, I am certain you’ll be as satisfyingly nourished and thoroughly delighted as I am with Amulets of the Goddess.” 

--Susun Weed, author

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