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I am a materials handler. Earth. Water. Fire. Air. I want my hands and emotions deep into the stuff of matter. I use whatever works to communicate what I need to say. I’ve been working with clay since I was a teenager. The first ceramics class I took used molds and we painted glaze on the pieces. I was doing photography at the time and using molds seemed akin to having a negative and producing the same thing over and over. The repetitive process fascinated me; making the same thing different all the time.


I began working in glass at Pilchuck Glass School in 1997. I was invited to be a teaching assistant for a kiln casting workshop because of my experience with mold making. Working in clay or wax and transforming an object into glass seemed alchemical, magical and shamanic. I found myself drawn to the hot shop and the roar of the furnace. I had to get closer to the fire, the hearth, the ultimate element of transformation. I started hot casting, ladling molten glass into sand molds. I love the immediacy of the process. It captured my spirit. I ended up teaching hot casting at Pilchuck for three summer sessions.


Working with clay and glass is a demanding and unpredictable process; part magic, part science. It suits my nature.

Early on in my art career I employed a diverse array of materials to construct immersive environments. These installation and site-specific works were not merely physical structures, but rather conduits for expressing my personal experiences inspired by healing traditions of shamanism and ancient Goddess myth. Through my art, I sought to illuminate themes of female identity, spirituality and empowerment.

Working with a variety of materials served as a reflection of my own journey, incorporating elements both familiar and challenging. By intertwining found objects, neon, mail art, ceramics, fabric, earth, potatoes, bones, and pigment as well as renting a motel room for one such site specific video installation, I aimed to evoke a visceral response from viewers, inviting them to engage with the visually tactile and symbolic layers of myth and memory embedded within the works.

The physicality of the spaces I created was crucial, as I aimed to disrupt traditional modes of perception and invite viewers into a dialogue with the environment. Through this approach, I sought to challenge conventional notions of beauty and confront the viewer with the rawness of the environment and its changing phenomena.

My process was deeply intuitive, drawing inspiration from my own experiences, visions and dreams; as well as broader societal narratives surrounding gender, eco-spirituality and ancient myth. Each work emerged organically from the materials at hand.

Ultimately, my goal was not only to create visually striking installations and sculptures but also to spark introspection and dialogue surrounding the physicality of the work; an invitation into an enchanting environment. Through my early works, I aimed to carve out space for my voice to be heard and validated within the realm of contemporary art.

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