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I’ve written five books on ancient Goddess art, images and myth.  During the pandemic I began a series of collages weaving these timeless representations with contemporary text and vibrant fragments from magazines and pop culture ephemera.  By juxtaposing these seemingly disparate elements, I aim to create a dialogue between the ancient and the modern, bridging the gap between past and present. Through this fusion, I seek to challenge conventional notions of time and identity, inviting viewers to reconsider the fluidity of herstory and the enduring relevance of mythological archetypes.  Each collage serves as a visual narrative, inviting viewers to explore the layers of symbolism and meaning embedded within.


My work is a celebration of the divine feminine in all its forms, honoring the wisdom and power of women throughout the ages while inviting reflection on the evolving roles and representations of being female in contemporary society. Through the act of collaging, I aim to evoke a sense of resonance and connection of the eternal dance between tradition and innovation, myth and reality.  I think of these collages as “Flash Cards.”   Timeless reminders of the importance of remembering our worth as women.

IMG_4945 copy.jpg
IMG_4944 copy.jpg
IMG_4943 copy.jpg
IMG_4941 copy.jpg
IMG_4942 copy.jpg
IMG_4940 copy.jpg
IMG_4939 copy.jpg
IMG_4938 copy.jpg
IMG_4937 copy.jpg
IMG_4936 copy.jpg
IMG_4934 copy.jpg
IMG_4935 copy.jpg
IMG_4933 copy.jpg
IMG_4932 copy.jpg
IMG_4927 copy.jpg
IMG_4930 copy.jpg
IMG_4931 copy.jpg
IMG_4929 copy.jpg
IMG_4928 copy.jpg
IMG_4926 copy.jpg
IMG_4925 copy.jpg
IMG_4923 copy.jpg
IMG_4924 copy.jpg
IMG_4919 copy.jpg
IMG_4920 copy.jpg
IMG_4922 copy.jpg
IMG_4921 copy.jpg
IMG_4918 copy.jpg
IMG_4915 copy.jpg
IMG_4917 copy.jpg
IMG_4916 copy.jpg
IMG_4912 copy.jpg
IMG_4913 copy.jpg
IMG_4911 copy.jpg
IMG_4914 copy.jpg
IMG_4906 copy.jpg
IMG_4909 copy.jpg
IMG_4910 copy.jpg
IMG_4908 copy.jpg
IMG_4907 copy.jpg
IMG_4905 copy.jpg
IMG_4903 copy.jpg
IMG_4902 copy.jpg
IMG_4904 copy.jpg
IMG_4901 copy.jpg
IMG_4893 copy.jpg
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IMG_4899 copy.jpg
IMG_4900 copy.jpg
IMG_4894 copy.jpg
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