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I’ve written five books on ancient Goddess art, images and myth.  During the pandemic I began a series of collages weaving these timeless representations with contemporary text and vibrant fragments from magazines and pop culture ephemera.  By juxtaposing these seemingly disparate elements, I aim to create a dialogue between the ancient and the modern, bridging the gap between past and present. Through this fusion, I seek to challenge conventional notions of time and identity, inviting viewers to reconsider the fluidity of herstory and the enduring relevance of mythological archetypes. Each collage serves as a visual narrative, inviting viewers to explore the layers of symbolism and meaning embedded within. My work is a celebration of the divine feminine in all its forms, honoring the wisdom and power of women throughout the ages while inviting reflection on the evolving roles and representations of being female in contemporary society. Through the act of collaging, I aim to evoke a sense of resonance and connection of the eternal dance between tradition and innovation, myth and reality.  I think of these collages as “Flash Cards.” Timeless reminders of the importance of remembering our worth as women.


My mother taught me how to sew when I was just a kid.  As an artist the sewing machine is now a tool for drawing, blurring the boundaries between traditional art forms.  Through intricate stitching I weave narratives that explore the complexities of the female experience.  The choice of red thread serves as a deliberate symbol, representing stories born of blood and representing the strength, resilience and struggles of women throughout history.  Each stitch is a thought, a memory, a connection to the labor, both seen and unseen, that women have contributed to society.  By utilizing this medium, I seek to challenge the conventional notions of art and craft, elevating domestic materials and traditional “women’s work” to convey profound messages. Ultimate, my work aims to spark conversations about gender, identity and ongoing issues of equality.

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